Groci.online Wallet is a credit pocket which is associated with your Groci.online account in which the gift amount and refund amount both are added. Groci.online wallet is splitted in two categories
1. Gift Wallet
2. Refund Wallet

Groci.online wallet can be funded in the following manner
1. Gift wallet can be funded either by promo codes or directly through Groci.online
2. For every return, cancellation, alteration in order or product undelivered, the balance amount will get added in the refund wallet

Amount in the wallet will automatically be considered for redemption while placing an order
1. Refund wallet amount will be prioritized first for redemption
2. Only 10% will be considered for redemption from the gift wallet for the total amount of order

No, you cannot add credit to your wallet. It can only be added by coupon codes in gift wallet and by refunded amount in refund wallet.

Yes, refund wallet amount can be refunded to bank whereas gift wallet can only be used for future orders. Please contact our customer support to initiate the refund process.

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